Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Microsoft vs Samsung Ads

I just watched a commercial for the Microsoft Surface comparing it to the Ipad.  You know the one, where Siri jealously pouts about features that the Surface has like a USB port and keyboard.  Seriously Microsoft, who is running marketing for the Surface?

Contrast that with the commercial that Samsung ran comparing the S4 to the Iphone.  They didn't quote the differences in size of the screens.  They showed two people playing a game on the two devices, with the Iphone owner complaining about how much easier it was to play games on the Samsung.  

The difference is that Samsung doesn't just tell us how they are different, they tell us why it matters. They show an understanding of how features relate to the uses of their product that are important to their customers.  They answer the question that Microsoft fails to answer:  "so what?"  What important things can I USE the surface for that I can't use an IPAD for?   Are these things that are important to me as a consumer, not a business, since that is who the commercial is targeted at?

The real question is:  is this just bad advertising, or does Microsoft really not have a clue what an average consumer wants to do with their tablets?